• Chairman, Oved Group
  • Director of Finance

On a day to day basis, Isaac focuses on the financial aspects of Oved Apparel as well as the Real Estate division.

  • CEO, Oved Apparel
  • Director of Business Development

As CEO of Oved Apparel, David is the in-house brand guru, managing the vast portfolio of labels and setting the tone and direction for each brand that Oved offers.  His other major focus is developing and acquiring new labels to increase the diversity of the Oved portfolio.

  • President, Oved Apparel
  • Director of Sales, Design and Production

As president, Ronnie manages the daily functions of the Apparel Division. Ronnie’s expertise and leadership in design and sales keeps Oved Apparel operating smoothly and able to provide top-notch service to our partners.

  • Vice President, The Oved Group
  • Acquisitions & Management

From acquiring new properties, raising equity, and originating loans to construction and management, Mike is involved in the Real Estate process every step of the way.

  • President, Five Star Apparel
  • (a division of Oved Apparel) 

Albert brings youthful energy to the executive team. He adds value as a liaison between the more seasoned executives and the younger demographic to whom they cater. Albert manages the 5 Star Apparel Division brand portfolio of Oved Apparel.

  • Vice President, Oved Group
  • Director of Real Estate

As Director of Real Estate, Joseph’s responsibilities include managing Oved’s current portfolio of real estate as well as directing new acquisitions. Joseph channels his energy in building relationships with Manhattan landlords and tenants, leveraging that knowledge to construct new deals.

  • CFO, Oved Apparel
  • (a division of Oved Group) 

Stuart provides the crucial management of Oved Apparel’s long term and day-to-day financial operations.

Management Teams

David Oved

CEO, Oved Apparel

Ronnie Oved

President, Oved Apparel

Albert Pardo

President Five Star Apparel

Stuart Bender

CFO, Oved Apparel

Evan Davis

Partner, Division Manager

Donwan Harrell

Partner, Design and Creative Director

Bennett Winick

Division Manager

Jeffrey Baechtold

Chief Operations and Planning Officer

Larry Turkel

Chief Distribution Officer

Bin Fang

Chief Technology Officer

Debbie Baker

Vice President of Marketing

Wilson Dinville

Warehouse Manager

Isaac Saide

Executive Vice President of Five-Star Apparel

Toni Jones

Vice President/ Division Manager

Ann Marie Savino

Executive Vice President

Sam Ashkenazi

Director of E-Commerce

Joe Zalta

Division Manager

Kristen Steeneck

Director of Operations

Wajid A Buttar

Director Production and Sourcing

Marya Khokar

Executive Assistant

Shanaz Abid

Director Production and Sourcing

Alla Erlikh

Technical Design Director

Ross Fredman

Creative Director

Iris Kim

Senior Designer

Megan Howard

Creative Director

Eddie Miller

Director of Global Supply

Eden Richman

Executive Vice President Sales

James Toth

Brand Manager

Isadore Pardo

Division Manager

Morris Dabah

Division Manager

Christina Jensen

Director of Sales

Ashley Gill

Creative Director

Robin London

Vice President of Planning

Matthew Sprague

Vice President of Design

Barbara Varnhagen

Vice President of Sales

Laura Lopez

Vice President of Sales

Jack Benzaken

Vice President of Sales

Debbie Reghini

Allocation Manager

Joann Jagessar

Human Resources Director

Isaac Oved


Mike Oved

Vice President

Joseph Oved

Chief Executive Officer

Ezra Dweck

Chief Investment Officer

Haskel Reichman

 Chief Financial Officer

Jack Oved


Joseph Bekar


Joann Jagessar

Executive Assistant Manager

Mike Oved


Ray Benzaken

Chief Executive Officer

Ikey Shwecky


Eddie Hertzman


Joseph Hai Oved

Chief Executive Officer